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Morbius (15), Jared Leto is excitingly brooding as the title role, in a rather dark, atmospheric, marvel horror film. Similar to the original Blade film, decently well paced & never boring, with mostly very good & some not so good special effects. Matt Smith, Tyrese Gibson & Jared Harris are great in their roles too. The two post credit scenes are pointlessly unnecessary. Overall the good overweighs the bad in the film, and it’s still a fun watch. Please bring on Marvel’s Midnight Sons film next. 3½/5
Paramount Animation’s monster wrestling adventure, Rumble (U) was alot of fun. had fantastic animation, action. very good story. humour, and funny voice acting from Will Arnett. Geraldine Viswanathan. Terry Crews. Chris Eubank, Michael Buffer & many others. highly enjoyable for the whole family. 4/5
Netflix’s A Madea Homecoming (15), is the twelve & the most hilarious one yet. with the excellent Tyler Perry once again brilliantly playing the title character & her brother, featuring great characters. including Agnes & Cathy Brown from Mrs Brown’s Boys. very funny & touching moments. It’s up there with Madea’s Witness Protection (2012) & Boo & Boo 2: A Madea Halloween (2016-17) as the best in the franchise. 4/5
Scott Eastwood has fun & acts like his dad, Clint very well in gripping actioner Dangerous (15), Mel Gibson is great as his on screen dad. Kevin Durand also plays a very good villain, Daughter of the Wolf director David Hacki directs the fantastic action. 4/5

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It may not be as good as the first film, but Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (PG) was still a fun filled ride. with plenty of action, laughs & references to the computer game series. tv’s Swat actor Shemar Moore is very good as a new undercover agent character, Jim Carrey is bigger & hilarious as ever as Dr Robotnik. both Idris Elba & Colleen O Shaughnessey put on brilliant voices as Knuckles & Tails respectfully. also please stay for the extra mid credit scene. 3/5

Fortress (15) is a solidly decently made action film, in which Jesse Metcalfe. Kelly Greyson & Bruce Willis team up & fight against Chad Michael Murray’s bad guy’s. definitely much better then Willis’s most recent straight to dvd films. due to a very good plot. good performances & decent enough action scenes. its sequel Fortress 2: Sniper’s Eyes, is coming soon on dvd. 4/5

Resident Evil film series director Paul WS Anderson, directs his wife Milla Jovovich once again in Monster Hunter (12). A fun filled, action packed adventure. with very good special effects & interesting giant creature designs. also Warrior King’s Tony Jaa. Hellboy’s Ron Perlman & other members of the cast are good as well. 4/5

The Doorman (15) is a decent & solid action film, with heart. Ruby Rose plays a good action hero well, along with the action scenes. Jean Reno is excellent as the main villain, and its also made really well by Godzilla: Final Wars & No One Lives director Ryuhei Kitamura. 3½/5

Seized (15) is a very good & gripping action film, with decent performances from Scott Adkins. Matthew Garbacz & Mario Van Peebles. brilliant action scenes. sold direction by Ninja: Shadow of a Tear director Isaac Florentine. similar to Taken, but its still great. 4/5

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