Youth Workers

Karen and Craig are a married couple who set up Fusion.

Karen is on the Autistic Spectrum, as are 2 of her children. She previously worked supporting adults with autism and additional needs. She is keen to promote positive Autism Awareness and help those with Autism thrive.

Craig is the chatty one, with personal experience of Autism and a great personality, he is the glue that holds Fusion (and home life) together. Craig is friendly and fun, he will happily chat to anyone about his life with ADHD. Craig is the First Aider for the group.

Dabion has been a Fusion Youth Worker for 4 years, we would be lost without him. He is easy to get along with and an asset to the group. Dabion has a diagnosis of Autism and with that has great understanding and compassion for others on the spectrum.

All Youth Workers have training and are DBS checked.

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